Ferguson's Daughter blazes on!!! 

I came across Ferguson's Daughter on Instagram a few months ago and immediately became a fan. Her three song EP, Blissed Out Blues made quite the impression on me. I wrote a small review on the spot. Since then, Lindsey…

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To the top or bust: Weekend Youth 

For some, "pop music" is like a dirty word never uttered amongst certain company. I'm not afraid to say it, I love pop music. I bring this up because when I hear Weekend Youth, that's exactly what I hear, modern…

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Marcus Halberstram meets...Mishkin Fitzgerald




Marcus Halberstram speaks to Mishkin Fitzgerald about her new project, Mishkin Fitzgerald and the Chemical Perils, the new single "Legs Broken", Bird Eats Baby and the music industry in 2023 amongst other things!

Go and listen to "Legs broken" today!

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Chat Nasty with Producer HUGO GT

In our continuing quest for wisdom we asked producer Hugo GT some questions about his work. We share his opinion of banjos and an overwhelming urge to buy new guitars.

You produce music for a range of artists. Is there

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Panic Is Perfect is Absolutely Amazing!

Playing a show with Panic Is Perfect last year gave me such a great memory. First and foremost, the band was super nice and chatting with them was a real treat.  We touched on a couple of subjects, and I…

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Chat Nasty catches up with Micki XO 

Hi Michelle, welcome to Chat Nasty. Good to catch up properly after crossing paths online so often.

Q You seem to be very comfortable spanning different styles and genres in your work. Sometimes quite indie and alternative, sometimes very sharp,

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Chat Nasty: Punk Perfume

For this week's chat we met up with Pao Pincerna, the alchemist behind Brighton perfume, possibly the most rock and roll perfumery on the planet. 

Q 9 o’clock Nasty adore obsessive people. You’re clearly passionate about scent and perfume on

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Big, Badass, Rock n Roll. The Chaw takes no prisoners. 

Something special has always brewed in the East Bay. I know San Francisco gets most of the buzz but Oakland has a history of producing international heavy weights. My opening statements stem from the mood which listening to The Chaw's

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