Ferguson's Daughter blazes on!!! 

I came across Ferguson's Daughter on Instagram a few months ago and immediately became a fan. Her three song EP, Blissed Out Blues made quite the impression on me. I wrote a small review on the spot. Since then, Lindsey has been busy releasing a 20-song full length album Being A Girl and most recently her new single "One Of Those Moments."

Upon diving through her new LP, it's clear she is a creative force. The melodies, the approach, the songwriting all vary from song to song and are stamped with her signature. Case in point is the single "Silk and Satin" with its Alice In Wonderland feel. The single is fun, vibrant and unlike anything I've heard recently. The word "clever" doesn't justify the song, "brilliant" would be the proper term.

The fun vibe that "Silk and Satin" bring to the table, beautifully set up the somber tone of "Bad Coffee". She sings with power. The way she harnesses the power of her vocal's and unleashes its force with total control at a moment's notice is magnificent. I was trying to think of who I could compare Lindsey to for the sake of conversation and Alaniss Morrissette with a touch of Amy Winehouse is my response.

Being A Girl just rolls, song after song, showcasing her talent. "Let's Play Pretend" is another standout single. Its flowing grace has a nostalgic feel, almost 50's like. The guitar line plucked in the back end of the song also comes across from that era. Grand piano keys play into our hearts as she sings the chorus line boldly and fearlessly.

Keeping us on our toes is the very next song “N.y.c.” where Americana borrows from the summer of love. Lindsey's marvelous songwriting knows no bounds. An acoustic guitar and a microphone are all she needs to create magic. The fact that she can add backing vocals to her creations thanks to studio production only enhance our experience. Excellent!

I could stay here all day dissecting every song, but sadly I have to end this a little early. I will add that "Eloise" is also amazing. There are too many great songs. You'll just have to follow her, tune in and become a fan.

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We've included “Let's Play Pretend” for your instant listening pleasure. You're welcome!!!



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