Bloggers Chronicles: GO TO THIS SHOW!!! #001

I've known the name for years but for whatever reason, never took a moment to listen to Everyone Is Dirty. When I saw that my friends from Fake Your Own Death were playing at the Kilowatt with Everyone Is Dirty, I knew the time had come. As part of CCC's Bloggers Chronicles Nightcap/Recap, I wanted to use the platform to highlight shows. Today we debut Bloggers Chronicles: GO TO THIS SHOW!!! #001

I was a regular at the Kilowatt and would often look up at the Noisepop posters. I would try to imagine a live show while shooting pool. The speakers were still up, hanging from the ceiling. I always wondered if it would happen again. It's happening thanks to a new group of owners and this Friday April 8th; Everyone Is Dirty and Fake Your Own Death will bring their music to the beloved Mission bar.

Everyone Is Dirty's sound is energetic and fun. There's a pop punk vibe that leads the charge, but I also hear some of the best from the 90's in the mix. Definitely some Smashing Pumpkins and of course some Nirvana's Bleach. Their creativity is on full display and every song feels like a "stand alone single". The band seems to attack from every angle. I can't imagine during the writing process any ideas being taken off the table. Until today I hadn't heard a note from the band and now, I'm officially a fan. 

We've covered Fake Your Own Death recently here and I added my favorite song of theirs "Bombs Don't Show Up". They were on our very first edition of Boggers Chronicles #001 and now they're part of this one. Please scroll down to their write up on Bloggers Chronicles #001 to catch our take from their show at Bottom Of The Hill.

Two great local bands, no cover, a legendary SF venue brought back to life... not sure why you wouldn't attend the show. Unless of course if you got to work, because I'm too old to move back in with my mother. Have fun at the show and buy Terry a drink for me!!!


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