Bloggers Chronicles: GO TO THIS SHOW!!! #007 The Rinds, The Vaxxines, Local By Laws, The Krypters at Baltic Kiss June 27th.

I saw a post circulating on social media in support of Oakland's Stay Gold Deli. I must admit, I have yet to attend a show there, but I have dined there a few times. During the covid lockdown, going there was of our thing. We would bring the pup along and chill on the benches. There were other things that drew me to the Stay Gold Deli support show. Handsome Hawk is a promoter whose fliers I've seen around. I've been wanting to check out his events. Since he was putting on the benefit show, I felt like this was an opportunity to knock out two birds with one stone. 

I arrived at the Ivy Room a little late but caught a few bands. The Rinds was the band that I really dug. They played tight and looked like they were having a blast. A very memorable moment occurred and is now a story I frequently share. One of their guitarists broke a string. The band kept playing. Shortly after he breaks another string. He asks if anyone could offer a replacement guitar to no response. A few songs later, he breaks another string. Finally, someone offers him a guitar, he turns it down. He was like "fuck it, we got two songs left. What's the point..." He rocked that three-string guitar. If that's not punk rock, I don't know what is. 

The Rinds play tight melodic punk rock. Their live show is a must see. Looks like you're in luck because the band will be playing at The Baltic Kiss on Thursday June 27th. The event is all-ages with The Vaxxines, Local By Laws, and The Krypters. Doors at 8pm, bring 10$!!! 
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