They say chivalry is dead... Charm World says otherwise. 

Making my way through our Bay Area music scene has been a lot of fun. I've seen the name Charm World pop up on a few fliers. I spoke with the singer and requested some material so I can put together a write up for them. Whenever I get an artist/band to review, I'll look into them like a stalker. I check their website, discography, old reviews, and any information that will assist with my writing. 

Charm World appears to be a relatively new band. They have a few 2023 releases on Bandcamp. I couldn't find a website. All the information I found came from their social media pages. Of course, all the things I couldn't find don't matter. The only thing that matters is the music and their music is solid. The three piece consists of singer songwriter Bruce Rayburn guitar/vocals. Cynthia Louise bass/backups and Troy Norman on drums. 

They describe themselves as a power trio. I agree with that. I would add that they play with psychedelic garage rock flair akin to some of the great bands from the late 60's. Listening to their Bandcamp was an absolute pleasure. Their melodies are catchy. The songwriting is sound. The songs vibe. "Trouble" is a standout track. There's some good old fashion rock n roll riffing going on. Cynthia's backing vocals in the chorus feel like a retro organ synth pad. The tag line "I'm in trouble" is universally relatable. This single is a must listen. 

We've included some links and a song for you to get acquainted with the band. They will be playing at The Kilowatt on July 1st. Be sure to stop by and say hello.

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