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I've noticed Bang The Bay event fliers all seem to feature a picture as the main graphic. When I saw a flier with a man's side profile picture, I didn't think about it. Business as usual. Then I realized that it was a birthday party show and the guy in the picture was the birthday boy. Ok, that I could wrap my head around as to why he's on the flier. But wait, there's more… The birthday guy, who's picture is on the flier was also performing at the show. Now, I understood. 

Even though I hadn't attended any Bang The Bay events, I knew they taped them and posted them on social media. This allowed me to check them out later so I could get a glimpse of the bands who performed. When I saw Davinski perform, I liked his stage presence. He marched up and down that stage like Chris Rock stalked the stage at his early HBO showcase. 

When we got to play a show together at the Ivy Room, I got to witness first-hand the frontman charisma that Davinski brings. Before that show, I went through all of the artists music to get a sense of what their music was about. Davinski's music definitely stood out. His music is genuine. He plays with great feel and most importantly great instincts. “Rhinestone Cowboy” is a track which showcases his abilities beyond post-punk/new wave.

I had questions. You know what this meant:

CCC - What were the early days of music like for you??

Davinski - I started playing the trumpet when we moved from Alaska in a summer band program, I was a natural and immediately fell in love with music.

CCC -When did you know you wanted to devote your life to music

Davinski - I was first chair in marching band in High school, in the 10th grade got bullied to quit by a mean Senior, I quit, so my teacher got me an audition for the local university jazz band and I got 1st chair, it was there I discovered Ska, New Wave and Jazz and that's where my journey started.

CCC - What were your favorite bands you were a part of in those early days? What moments were extra memorable.

Davinski - The Cure , REM and the Church, Echo and the Bunnymen, and Madonna, to name a few. I saw REM in Boulder Colorado in 1984 and it was like a bomb went off in me and decided to move to California, got a track scholarship at Santa Rosa Junior College and there I really was allowed to find myself and my style, I moved to LA soon after to pursue music.

CCC - What instruments do you play? Are you an instrumentalist, have a main instrument or just focus on singing?

Davinski - I play keyboards, trumpet and a little bit of everything. Not well to play live though, I quit everything to focus on learning production because I was a one man show until recently. I prefer singing but am working on bringing in some percussion.

CCC - Who are the singers that inspired you to be a frontman? Is there someone you low key emulate?

Davinski - I loved Scott Weiland from Stone Temple Pilots, His I don’t give a fuck approach to moving around in a un choreographed way really inspired me, Now I love watching Post Malone his moves are weird and real. Madonna also, say what you will but she paved the way to be yourself and to making it happen her way and showing that not being the best dancer or singer is not what it's about, it’s about giving it your all authentically!

CCC - What’s your approach when in the studio? How does a track start?

Davinski - 6. I always start with the beat, I put a drum track down, then add some scratch vocals and then guitar and bass and finish with keyboards. All my albums to date are written and produced by little ole me only!

CCC - How would you describe your sound?

Davinski - My sound leans heavily New Wave/Dance/Rock. I even have a Country Album!

CCC - What’s next for Davinski?

Davinski - 8. We're headed to San Paulo Brazil to open for Elegant Trash in August for a 6-show tour, Lee Austin Hoffman literally saved my career last summer!  Then in September The Haute Pantzzz (my band) and I are recording a new album! I am so excited to finally collaborate with other musicians, they are all amazing at their craft and the album is totally going to be pure fire!!!!!!!!


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