To the top or bust: Weekend Youth 

For some, "pop music" is like a dirty word never uttered amongst certain company. I'm not afraid to say it, I love pop music. I bring this up because when I hear Weekend Youth, that's exactly what I hear, modern day pop music. They stack up musically to some of the giants of today. Foster The People, Real Estate, Ra Ra Riot, Electric Guest, Neon Indian and even Coldplay all check certain boxes that we as listeners expect to be checked when we hear their music. The songwriting and execution Weekend Youth lays down checks those same boxes.  

Let's go down the list...

Box 1 - Powerful vocals that contain a sense of vulnerability. A softness to their hue makes them feel familiar like slipping into your favorite pair of shoes.

Box 2 - Production is top notch. The levels, the mix, the tones, the volumes the entire package is first class.  

Box 3 - Modern songwriting and the creativity that it breeds elevate their music into the next level. By refusing to be boxed in by writing styles of yesterdays, a spontaneity charm exists in every bar, every measure of their music. 

Box 4 - It sounds incredible. Just like looking out the window to see if it's raining, when you play Weekend Youth's music, you'll hear what I'm talking about.

Go to their Spotify page, play the first song play and let it ride. Zoom in on a sound and then zoom out and listen to the track as a whole, any track and I think you'll agree, it's incredible delicatessen pop music. 

"Superman" and "Gotta Be Me" are two songs that I really enjoyed. Both are completely different stylistically from one another but that's the magic, their all good. 

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And of course, for your City Cat Collective sponsored introduction, we have "Vacation" for your listening pleasure. Enjoy.

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