Bloggers Chronicles: The review: #001 IAMX , ContainHer at the DNA Lounge

My homie and Everything But The Everything guitarist Ian Dowed had some plans for us (Sophia Prise and myself) last Wednesday night. The three of us haven't hung out recently and he got us tickets to see some guy who used to be in the Sneaker Pimps. This was another one of those "I don't care who's playing, I'm going" moments for me. Ian sent us links, but I didn't check them out. It was the company I was excited about, the show that was secondary in my mind. 

Fast forward and now we're at the DNA lounge. The vibe is goth and frankly I was a little confused as to how Sneaker Pimps and goth DNA fit together. Headlining the night was IAMX.  Since I did zero research, my curiosity level was at an all-time high.

Opening the show was ContainHer. I particularly enjoyed her performance for several reasons. First reason is I follow her on Instagram and have been wanting to see her live. She can sing. Anyone that follows her social media can tell you that. Watching how she worked the crowd, worked the songs and performed in full character was the highlight. She's a pro. She excelled in the spotlight, and it brought out the best in her. ContainHer's music is synth driven electronica with a message. 

The headliner quickly followed and from the first note till the last note of the third encore, I was captivated and inspired. First off, their costumes were futuristic, unique and strange. The drummer had a hat/mask a'la Donnie Darko. The bassist was in a printed spandex head covered full suit like an extra in the Fifth Element. The singer wore this crown/mask with a light placed on the center forehead. He looked like a futuristic Jesus here to save us from the second rapture.

Delayed sound clouds bellowed from the speakers, blanketing the audience in suspense. Thunderous floor toms boomed from the stage's left corner. The drummer put on a clinic on how to absolutely crush backing tracks. Every one of his hits were concisely delivered and gave the performance teeth. Going completely berserk was the bass player. She was all over that stage. Her hands played every note, her body gesticulated them.
Chris Corner who is IAMX behaved like a rock icon. Better yet a cult leader. His powerful vocals and their delivery are the Kool aid his follower's drink. He has some crazy case that almost looks like a small coffin filled with modules, knobs and lights which he uses to treat his voice. It reminded me of DJ's twisting nobs at the perfect time to enhance key moments in a mix, but he was doing it to his voice. I felt like I was watching a young David Bowie in action. 

That show was special. I've never seen a third encore be performed by a band. The music's delayed haze, powerful drumming and performance both physically and production wise was major festival level. I'm so happy to live in the Bay Area where amazingness happens every day of the week. Even on a Wednesday night. 

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