Achilles Tenderloin's Tincture For Trouble LP is the tincture I needed. 

I was introduced to Achilles Tenderloin via an assignment. Soon after I began to follow him on the gram. I love the hustle, the dedication but most importantly his music. For City Cat, I have a list of songs and artists who I want to highlight. Achilles Tenderloin was on that list. With his 10-song full length release Tincture For Trouble, I knew I had to get to work.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't know Johnny Cash's music well enough to remotely suggest I'm a true fan but the style which Achilles Tenderloin plays with reminds me of Johnny Cash. In the end, along with talent and performance, it comes down to style. In a world filled with talented people, do you have a unique style that will set you apart from the pack. I believe Achilles Tenderloin does. 

"Torch Song" is a testament to that statement and the new LP's opening track. Taking us back to that early Ray Charles era with its boozy, toe tapping, head nodding ways. It's got some attitude, some spunk. The horn that plays throughout is pure gold. A great opening track.
The following three songs are slower paced and pensive but Achilles shifts gears with the 5th track "Don't Be Long". It's gentle swing and bright notes open the shades and let in the sun light. The string section brings the warmth one feels when those sun rays touch your skin. The guitar's "shaker's" rhythm and bright accents augment the lighthearted feel. The home run hit is the line "I would rather be kiss kiss, kiss, kiss kissing you". With that line, Achilles does the right thing and gives it to us twice in the song. That should be a rule for every songwriter, if it's good, give it to us again. Thank you, Achilles.

I highlighted as must listens the songs "Never Trust A Barber" and "Falls Thistlethwaite" and we're in luck because they play in that order.
Song 5 - Don't Be Long
Song 6 - Never Trust A Barber
Song7 - Falls Thistlewaite
What a great 1, 2, 3 punch!!!
Bluesy, dark and mysterious, the final track "Howlin At The Earth" does not disappoint. Fabricated images of 1930's mob crime fighting a'la Dick Tracy begin to spill from my imagination as the song plays. This single is the other side of the coin to what the LP's opening single gave us. Achilles Tenderloin's vocals ride the track like a paraglider. He swoops in and out, allowing the music to do the heavy lifting as he gracefully glides. What does it sound like? You're in luck, we've included it below for your immediate introduction.

If bluesy Americana is what you crave, look no further. From Richmond Indiana, Achilles Tenderloin rolls on, hop on board. Check out our provided single "Howling At The Earth" and follow him on Instagram, Facebook and Spotify!!!



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