Europe bound, San Francisco's Strange Cities marches on. 

Strange Cities has been on the grind for some time now. I've known the singer Daniel Clark since he went by the name Daniel Murder. Same with the bass player Clay Vorheis. When I first met Clay, he played with The Bruises and onto NRVS LVRS. As a matter of fact, Strange Cities is made up of San Francisco seasoned veteran musicians Dan Caporale (Drums) and James Levis (Guitar). No surprise their sound is so tight and why they are now part of Rocky Road Touring.

With a constant stream of singles, the band has continued to press on but it's their live performances that have earned them their stripes and adulation of music fans. Simply put, their live shows are energetic and memorable. As 2022 draws to a close, the guys have their eyes on 2023 with new music and a February trip across the pond to Europe. 

We'll have to touch back with Strange Cities as they prepare new music for release, and we'll definitely check back in with them to hear some stories from their trip.

Gentlemen don't forget to renew those passports!

Until then, listen to Strange Cities on Spotify and follow them on Instagram !!!



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