I love this track!!! #001 - The Head: 'French Girls'

My biggest gripe about Spotify is that I don't feel it's the best place to discover music. Pandora has introduced me to new music 10-fold over Spotify. However, when scrolling down a playlist via Musosoup, I heard a song that for whatever reason I saved. Later, as I circled back to see how I felt about the last batch of songs I had previously saved, that song came up. I think I unsaved 90% of that batch of song's but I kept this song around. Frankly, I was still on the fence. As the time passed by I kept going back to that song and at some point, fell in love with it. That track is ‘French Girls’ by The Head.

The track is a great blend of indie rock with retro touches. My favorite parts in the track are how the drums drive and don't deviate from the double time pattern, putting a stamp on the music. Another is on the outro bridge when the guys dig in and quadruple down on the sweet spot in the track. When you listen to the track, you'll know what I'm talking about. And of course, the vocals. The cadence in which the vocals are sang with graciously flow over the music like clouds over earth's land mass.

Best friends since high school and still playing music together, these lads from Atlanta Georgia got something special going. Tune in and find out.

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