New Music? Yes, Please! #009 - Dr Monika Demmler 'Too Good' 

Social media... you've been too good to me. Once again, social media works in my favor by connecting me to amazingness. While scrolling my life's minutes away, I stumbled upon art.  As art filled images flowed to my screen, sounds followed. It took me a minute to decipher what exactly was going on. This wasn't your typical band account. For one, house music/techno was promoted alongside proto punk rock music. As I would learn, Dr Monika Demmler is from Berlin. She DJ's deep house / techno and plays rock n roll. Now residing in L.A., Dr Monika Demmler continues to create music and art. Let's go over her single 'Too Good'. 

Her sound is raw rock n roll. Pick an era, it doesn't matter. Bits of 13th Floor Elevators, Iggy Pop, The Ramones all shine throughout her discography. On 'Too Good' I pick up on the house music connection by her use of the guitar's harmonics plucked in a pattern giving a beat making software effect. Here, nuance reigns supreme as textured sounds shine with simplicity like Christmas lights in the morning fog. Vocally, Dr Monika rides the track like a wave. Her vocals nudge the music into position by accentuating its dynamics. Adding density to the soundscape is an organ playing behind the guitar. Working in unison are the drums and distorted rhythm guitar. Together, they are the muscle, the blue-collar crew that came to do the dirty work. 

After learning a little about Dr Monika Demmler and listening to her discography. I can see the connection.Those who love house / electronic music approach rock n roll songwriting a little differently in my opinion.  Her rock n roll sound has a bit of a lofi grit whose edges get softened by her vocal approach. 'Too Good' is another page written in the book of Rock n Roll. 

We've included ‘Too Good’ below!! You're welcome.

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