Say hello to our friends from South Africa, Amor Amor. 

This is an artist shout out. I wanted to highlight the super talented duo known as Amor Amor. Funny how we crossed paths. While trying to be a good participant in this musical world, I made it a point to go through every playlist Everything But The Everything got added to. The experience left me a little dizzy but when I came across "Pieces Of Summer" by Amor Amor, I knew I came across something special. I shared the song on every platform I use and reached out to the band on the gram like a lunatic fan. 

To this day, I still play "Pieces of Summer" but their single "Playing Like You Use To" has become my go-to song these last few months. That song is banging!! 

Since then, the hits have kept coming. Their music drives. All of their tracks contain that "it" factor. Im talking, every single song. I believe that's called consistency. Continuing to raise the bar with their latest single "Never Change", and catapulting Amor Amor into the larger-than-life pop world where artist's like Ladyhawke roam. 

We'll have to check in with the band and ask them about what they got cooking next!!! 

Keep up with Amor Amor on Instagram and Spotify !!!

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