Indie and hip hop is the mortar that Jane Swane's world is built with. 

I find L.A. music producer/singer/songwriter Jane Swane to be enigmatic. Doing my due diligence researching for this artist highlight, I noticed a few things. She operates a little differently. For one, her Soundcloud is loaded with music, mostly hip hop and her Spotify features one track a year starting in 2019. She doesn't talk about herself. She lets the music do the talking.

2019 - Himalayas  

2020 - F.U.M. 

2021 - Not Here 

2022 - Demonslayer 

Let's dive in!

Oh my god... "Himalayas" is off the hook. Boozy beats, big bass, crisp snare clap's glide over the track like a puck on ice. The guitar notes in the musical chorus are as hooky as it gets. 


"F.U.M." is downright filthy. That beat is dirty. The combination of her dark, boozy beats and her indie darling vocals is a winning combo. When Speakeasy lays down his bars, it's game over. Just leave this one on repeat for a few days. 


On 2021's "Not Here", the music leans into indie. Phenomenal sounds swirl and fill the atmosphere like a fog machine in a small room. Her vocal's guide us through the dense soundscape with a comforting warmth. 


And of course, 2022's "Demonslayer". Again, her combination of indie and hip hop is next level. The way she sprinkles in hip hop bravado at the 1:30 mark is gold and how she circles back with stacked vocals. Double money. 


The Jane Swane experience is real. Magnificent beats, full round notes and exuberant sounds are her signature. After this musical rendezvous into JaneSwaneworld, I'm feeling fantastic! I would say for conversation/comparison's sake that the Jane Swane experience is like a hip hop version Toronto's Electric Youth. Cutting edge and fearless.  




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