Chat Nasty: Stephanie Phillips

We started listening to Stephanie's music at the start of 2022 when that timeless "post folk" sound jumped off the social media screen (she is worth following on Instagram for the cover versions and cakes, but it's the original songs that keep us going back). We haven't been much into acoustic music for a long time (although that is about to change) but we are massive songwriting geeks and she writes great tunes.

Q You cross a lot of genres with what you do. So much so that we aren’t going to attempt to categorise your music in the introduction to this piece! You craft songs and you perform them acoustically. How do you see your music fitting into the wider picture? 

A  Wow! That first question is hard. I try to write music that connects with people, both at a micro level, but also a macro level. Many of my songs are about just being human, but I also write about current issues that I feel need to be addressed more and often music is the way to get people more involved. 

Q Did you start with a particular sound and style in mind and are working towards it, or is it something that changes from season to season? 

A  My sound and style have stayed pretty much the same, but I feel recently it is becoming a little more “modern”, maybe slightly more pop. But I started out calling my music Progressive Folk, and I think that’s still where I am. 

Q Being indie can be hard. What keeps you going? 

A. Being indie is really hard. I think what keeps me going are the people around me who motivate, encourage, support and love me. Also, I don’t think I could ever stop writing. Music flows out of me whether I want it to or not! 

Q In what ways does being an American Woman in 2022 inform your work? Could you have written these songs in 2002? 

A.  Being an American woman only informs my work inasmuch as I need to write about the issues that we are facing, but I think most of those issues are Human issues, not just American. Of course I have written two songs addressing gun violence, and those are definitely American issues. On the new album, many of the songs were written in 2022. 

But yes I suppose many of them - because they are love songs could have been written in 2002. 

The ones about the pandemic are definitely unique to the times. 

Q You’ve been working hard in the studio. What is your favourite (and least favourite) part of the recording process? 

A.  I love every part of the recording studio process except spending the money!! 

Q For someone new to your work, where should they start? 

A. Someone new to my discography can start anywhere, but “Home” is my first published album and it has a number of songs written about my babies and my own growing up. :)

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