Avresa releases mesmerizing new track and out-of-this-world video

Australian multi-instrumentalist Jeremy who goes under the project name 'Avresa' has earned a reputation for releasing atmospheric and powerful indie rock. In his discography you find perspectives on a number of recent occurrences in the world. There are themes of people losing their minds during the pandemic and social media's role in fueling this. On a lighter note there's also the subject of finding silver linings, micro joys and rediscovering one's confidence again. In this latest release though, 'Follow Through' sees Avresa shifting a few gears. The track sheds more light into the singer-songwriters' inner world. Whilst it is more personal in tone, it still maintains that universal approach that no doubt many will find relatable. 

The track deals with keeping a promise despite all the challenges and feelings of trepidation that may come with it. Described by Illustrate Magazine as "mesmerizing", the song ascends steadily and gradually in the face of the challenge. This ties in closely to the powerful cover art, a photo taken by the artist in Bellagio, Italy. The lyrics are linked with the visual also, where “every step, however small is one step closer”. The song then twists and turns, aligning with the battle between one's fears and a steady determination. 

The track was recorded, mixed and mastered entirely in a small home studio in Sydney. Following the approach described in the song, it was a gradual process taking place over several months. The build-up and arrangement in particular took a good amount of experimentation, with multiple alternate versions and re-recordings until the dynamics felt true to the theme. For a song about dedication and love, it would not have been complete without the addition of Jeremy's wife Esther delivering the warm and beautiful vocal harmonies. 

When it came to creating the accompanying video, an obvious visual would have been hiking up a mountain or going to the furthest corner of the Earth for someone you love. But Avresa took this up a notch. The sci-fi style video shows a vision of the future where the protagonist must embrace the idea of leaving Earth behind and preparing to live on Mars. A grand idea like this would typically require a grand budget, however it was creatively produced via a mix of self-filmed scenes in Sydney, Tasmania, footage sourced from NASA and some royalty free libraries. 

Are you inspired yet to check out this new independent artist? Well, here's a few more words that may give you that extra push... 

The Other Side Reviews said: 

"There is raw emotion in the melody, however, it is the lyrical content and vocal execution that seems to exude intense intimacy. Bold, rich and warm, Avresa’s tones wrap around you in a comforting hug while bringing a vulnerability to the sonic bubble. Yet, the bubble seems to burst at the end with an outbreak of melodic metal woven into the alt-rock song. What I love is how Avresa’s voice is steady and charming with its fragility despite the overwhelming power of the melody." 

MangoWave Reviews described it as: 

"One of Avresa’s most soothing tunes so far" and "a beautiful anthem for special moments... after all, it is a tune for the big open air stages, where the whole audience lights their flues as Jeremy begins to sing." 

The video for 'Follow Through' is out today. Check it out now:

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