Big, Badass, Rock n Roll. The Chaw takes no prisoners. 

Something special has always brewed in the East Bay. I know San Francisco gets most of the buzz but Oakland has a history of producing international heavy weights. My opening statements stem from the mood which listening to The Chaw's music has placed me in. The sound is big, badass, rock n roll. Straight out of Oakland, California the guys mention some of rock's icons in their bio and it's hard to disagree. Upon my first listen, flashes from rock n roll's past come to mind. Definitely Zeppelin. A little bit of Door's, with some Stone Temple Pilots "Here I come" type of swagger. 

Build Them An Image is the band's latest full-length release and may I add, is a complete record. From start to finish, there is no let up as the tracks fly by you, one after another like live rounds from a Desert Eagle. Staying true to Oakland grit, the guys come out swinging, pummeling the music to their will.  

When the albums fifth song "Instincts" begins to play, we're all in. Hypnotized as the hanging reverb laden guitar notes await our consumption. This track has a Depeche Mode vibe. I love it. 

But it's not all pedal to metal. Showcasing their songwriting chops, "Hours & Days" and "Sharon Seville" offer different shades of the band where nuance and dynamics lead the way. 

My favorite song from the album however is the album's final track, "Dreaming In The Town". It's a ballad with mass appeal. The vocal harmonies soar but most importantly the feel-good vibe the song emanates is sheer glorious rock n roll bliss. Grab a glass.

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By Izzy The Gent.

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