Panic Is Perfect is Absolutely Amazing!

Playing a show with Panic Is Perfect last year gave me such a great memory. First and foremost, the band was super nice and chatting with them was a real treat.  We touched on a couple of subjects, and I probably asked to many questions like an overzealous fan making me look like the kid reporter from Almost Famous. When the guys took the stage, they brought it. The sound was tight and precise as the dance floor ate it up. We spoke to a family on the dance floor between songs and they said they try to make it to every one of their shows. Their show is a guaranteed good time, after witnessing the awesomeness I too will try to attend every one of their shows.

The Panic Is Perfect discography begins in 2015 with a five song EP titled Behind Your Eyelids. On this EP, they come out swinging with the upbeat "Go Go Go" and appropriately shift gears with every song giving us an incredibly well-rounded experience. While every song on the EP is banging, "The Mailman" was the single that stood out to me. Something about this high-fidelity funk-tinged track complete with its falsetto moments make me feel like I'm having the best time of my life. Banger after banger, closing out the EP with "Bobby Black" is like the drink at the end of the night one takes to wind down after an action-packed day. "Bobby Black" feels a little subdued in comparison to the four songs before it. The song's placement adds to the magic as Mike sings a simple beautiful melody that floats from the speakers straight into our hearts. It's a beautiful song.

Since the release of Behind Your Eyelids, the band never looks back and have continued to put out amazing music year after year. I suggest you check out Panic Is Perfect's music catalog for yourself and get to know another amazing cutting-edge San Francisco artist. Links have been provided for your convenience:)

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