Dear Banshee sound off the war cry with their new single "Rehoboam" 

Dear Banshee describe their music as traditional, electronic and experimental. Their new single "Rehoboam" most definitely aligns with that statement. Things get serious right away as the opening vocal's sound off like war trumpets signaling the impending start of warfare. Hip hop edged drums with boisterously booming bass drum kicks amplify the war cry, 

Layers of sounds thicken the plot as the vocal verses commence, guiding us through the mayhem. The crest of the track is the chorus. An emotional overload to our senses is pushed to the brink as James sings "You're not alone, you're with us". At this moment the band unleashes its concentrated firepower to break us into the next level. Welcome to the other side.
There's something about the tone and the collective sounds of this single that remind me of "Where The Wild Things Are". As a matter of fact, each musical component I digest invokes an imaginational overexcitability. Art-deco architecture, Victorian times, NYC in the 1850's, Greek and Roman era images run through my mind like I'm flipping the pages of history. In all, a sophisticated opulence runs through the single, simultaneously exposing the scars of our personal struggles. Every day we dress up, we persevere and fight our own demons. Play this song loud as you brave through another day. You're not alone, you're with us.
Dear Banshee's latest single is here for your listening pleasure! Be sure to follow them on Instagram, Facebook, and listen to them on Spotify!!!

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