Oakland's Big Surprise new single 'Caesium' is music from the heart.

Oakland's Big Surprise and their new single 'Caesium' take us further down a textured dreamy road but do so with 90's glory. The recording's straightforward approach gives the music space to resonate. A chunky distorted guitar anchors the track and becomes the rail cart to which all is built upon. Powering our voyage over hills and through valley's are the music's dynamics. At times, pulling us in like they're going to tell us a secret, then bold and loud like a proclamation declaration to the world.
It's the subtle things Big Surprise does that make the track pop. How Kathryn's gentle touch sweetens the thickened vocal line. The lead guitar notes work as prescribed, bringing ear candy accents while simultaneously facilitating the song's progression. My favorite nuanced subtlety can be found in the first half of the second verse. The drummer lands on the two count with a stick click, then on fourth with the snare. Thus, adding weight to the second hand of the verse that make the chorus pop that much more.
'Caesium' is a great blend of dreampop and 90's grit. The Pixies were the first to come to mind when I heard this song. Glycerine by Bush was the second. With more music on the way and more shows being booked, get to know another great local band who's doing music their way. Music from the heart. 
"Rock music for weird times" - Big Surprise

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Words: Izzy The Gent




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