Bloggers Chronicles: GO TO THIS SHOW!!! #003 Everyone Is Dirty, Make Out Room: Thurs June Residence 

As much as I love to complain about FB, FB always seems to remind me of upcoming events I would otherwise completely miss. I need to stop my FB whining… Last Thursday evening, I got a reminder about the Thursday night residency at the Make Out Room in SF that Everyone Is Dirty is hosting.  I didn't really read the details and it didn't matter; I was going. It wasn't until my drive over that I started to wonder about the details. Was this a listening party for new music? Were there other bands playing? What was I going to walk into… 

Upon my arrival, there was a band on stage. I would describe their music as Primus meets the Dillinger Escape Plan's Option Paralysis LP.  A little unorthodox but very creative and super tight. The drummer would go from soft delicate jazz style drumming to heavy zero to 180 mph like a stolen Hellcat evading police. They had a couple of really great groove driven tracks that the crowd soaked up. The name of the band is Gumby's Junk, if you get a chance to check em out, do so.

Everyone Is Dirty hit the stage immediately after the opener and the show they put on was phenomenal!!! There's so much to describe and I tried to take in as much as I could. Before we get into the specifics, I just wanted to say that being a true headliner takes a combination of quality of songs, stage presence, individual member performance execution and that “it” factor that you either got or you don't. Everyone Is Dirty is a true headliner, 100%. 

Starting with the bass player. I'm convinced, he's a machine. He can't be human. If you told me Skynet sent back a terminator to kill Sarah Conor and also sent back a terminator to murder basslines, I would say, he's got to be that terminator. He murdered basslines. I don't think I heard one mistake. Big, round, complex basslines played with feel and dynamics, I was in awe. He used three fingers too, like an indie rock Robert Trujillo. Same for the drummer. Everything was on point, nothing was overplayed. Power was delivered when prescribed and that nuanced touch with delicate hands was showcased as well. The pair make for an unbelievable rhythm section.

The pair that are the face of the group, the lead singer and the guitarist have some real chemistry. While the lead singer clearly led the charge, the way the backup vocals bolstered the music's overall effect was truly memorable. The lead singer sang her heart out, there was no holding back. My biggest surprise was her violin performance and the array of sounds she covered. Through the weave of sounds, at times I would wonder “where is this amazing sound coming from?” and it was always the violin. Certain settings on her pedal board would at times deliver a huge lead guitar type solo sound, one might suspect they snuck a BC Rich on stage. Other times the violin's sound was so soft and gentle. I started to wonder if she also plays with the San Francisco Symphony when she's not fronting Everyone Is Dirty.

The band is going to be at the Make Out Room every Thursday for June. Make it down if you can and witness a true headliner work their magic. Like me you'll be a new fan, I'm certain of it.

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Check out their single “Hand On Lunch” with us, song kindly provided:)

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