Ride along the depths of post punk with Haneke Twins. 

In this modern world of branding and constant self-promotion, a quick visit to someone's social media is a direct window into their world. With one click, we can learn about a person's passions, projects, aspirations and endeavors. I met Stefanos via Muso soup. I began to follow him on Instagram where we now frequently cross paths. Upon these Insta run ins, I noticed he plays guitar for Haneke Twins. There's a link to the bands website which I followed. Haneke Twins is based out of Switzerland. They rock! Their brand of post punk accompanied with a baritone singer immediately reminded me of Interpol. In 2018 the band debuted their self-titled EP, follow by 2020's Astronaut extended EP. Most recently the band released a new single and corresponding music video 'Lights Off' part 2.

I want to focus on the single's "River" and "In My Head" as the standout tracks for you to check out from the Astronaut EP.

Song 4. 'River' - This track is classic dark rock / post punk. When listening my imagination whisks off to some sort of away from home midnight excursion involving trains and warm fashionable clothing as I make my way from one station to the next. Perhaps it's the guitar parts and their various ways they reach our ears that give the track not only movement but excitement. 

Song 6. 'In My Head' - This cut has a delightful toe tapping bounce. Bright plucked bass strings peek throughout the song but their accents in the verses truly shine. There are two guitars playing two different melodies throughout the track weaving beautifully through the air like the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. The writing chops the band showcases is exemplary. It's the writing that takes us places, shuttles us along and shows us around. I believe this is the gem of the album.
What struck the most about Haneke Twins and their music is the musicianship, writing and execution. Everything is not only completely thought through and mapped out, but everything is picture perfect with depth. This band is a great reminder that great things happen outside of not only our cities and states but beyond our borders. I'll be keeping an eye for future releases from the group and as always, I'll be checking in on my new homie from the gram. 

We included the single 'In My Head' for your instant introduction:)

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