New Music? Yes, Please! #004 Oakland Ghosts 

In March of 2022, Oakland Ghosts began to roll out two singles at a time. A dual double single release if you will. Their newest release titled 'IV' has three singles. We'll be highlighting 'Under The Needle' and have included it for your convenience. See how nice we are...

That bass tone used is the bass tone I always wanted as a bass player growing up. Bright and punchy just like a fresh pack of Ernie Ball Slinky bass strings. A distorted guitar plays behind the bassline on the second half of the verses bringing static fuzz tv imagery. The song's layout is something to note and an absolute highlight. For example, the chorus only plays twice and how we get to it both times is different. Maybe I've been conditioned to "let's just repeat this" style of writing for far too long but it I did love the journey 'Under The Needle' takes us on. 

There's a 90's grunge rock and '6 Underground' Sneaker Pimps vibe to the song. The horns are a key ingredient which color with matte paint dark tones. How the horns are sprinkled in via accents after their initial introduction is a great touch. It's a great track thats lowkey driving thanks to the songwriting. If you're on the move from place to place, play this track for the appropriate ambiance.

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