Brighton's Knife Bride "Nu-Gothika" masterpiece 'smother (make me suffer)' has arrived!!

Crazy to think that there's musicians playing their hearts out in successful projects who don't love the music they play. Such was the case with the members of this yet to be formed band. They all knew each other from playing their local scene in Brighton UK. Two of them are cousins. One day, they collectively decided to make music they loved. That day Knife Bride was born. Since day one the group has been on a tear, playing coveted British venues and festivals. Keeping the momentum going Knife Bride has released 'smother (make me suffer)', the lead single with a corresponding music video from their upcoming EP.

There is a lot going on with this single. A controlled chaos of sorts. The drum patterns are spectacular. They feel spontaneous yet are as detailed and unique as any instrument played on the track. How the song opens up in the chorus makes me feel like I'm standing in the eye of a hurricane, enjoying a moment of serenity before getting ripped to shreds. Adding to this feeling of impending doom are the vocals, hypnotizing us like a siren's song luring us to our own demise.

This song is an absolute banger. Samples, massive guitar riffs, crisp double bass drums all ooze Nu-Metal but Knife Bride's injection of emo goth sexual elements create something all their own.  They refer to their music as "Nu-Gothika" and I am officially, 100% on board.

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