Hustler's hustle. London's very own, Sparkayly presses on. 

Social media is a peculiar thing. With millions of people mingling around, there's no telling where a new connection might come from. At some point, I crossed paths with London artist and all-around music hustler, Sparkayly. I believe we both follow Toronto's Melotika and that's how the mighty algorithm did its thing. Through her posts I saw an artist that is making it happen on all fronts. As she toils on various music projects (songwriter, magazine producer, graphic artist, artist promotion), I wanted to highlight her digital imprint, Surge FX Magazine.

Using the ISSUU platform, Sparkayly releases her monthly magazine. Music reviews, blurbs, interviews, and ads fill its pages, very reminiscent of "zine" but more buttoned up. Her signature style stamp's everything she touches. Sparkayly's style is a bubbly gothy mysteriousness wrapped in a cloak of black, red, purple and pink colors. 
Via sound waves, Sparkayly's style is a mix of Anthem EDM and pop punk. Her use of big rave synth's evokes memories of packed underground raves in SF. The tight distorted guitars and drum patterns she uses are a'la 90's punk rock.

Throughout 2023, Sparkayly has been releasing her magazine and a stream of singles. 'Love Gun' is a standout track in her collection. I must mention there are two versions of 'Love Gun' and they are both dope, but I like the more electronic version a little more. We've included her latest release 'Candy Scars' (RedStonedDog Remix) for your immediate introduction. 
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