Bloggers Chronicles: GO TO THIS SHOW!!! #005 Ever Higher Music Festival

Fall is definitely upon us. The first soaking rain of the season should be arriving this Sunday. Which means attending a free outdoor music festival would be the perfect sendoff before we begin to layer up and head into the holiday season.

First things first. The talent. The Philharmonik will be headlining the Ever Higher Music Festival. The Philharmonik will be bringing down the house with their superstar caliber talent and production. If you haven't experienced The Philharmonik, you are in for a soulful treat. Bring your dancing shows and make sure your phone is fully charged before arriving. You'll want to document this for the gram.

Yes, The Philharmonik will be the cherry on top to a day of amazing local talent. The talent that supports the headliner is guaranteed to appeal to any fan of music. If indie pop is what you crave. No problem, SWISS has got you covered. Do you need more soul in your life? Well, The Helltones have got your medicine. Punk rock? Tess and the Details. Think you can stump the promoters by requesting a schwifty combo of glam/punk/pop? The Hot Takes will take care of business. Oh, what's that, you only like rock n roll. Sit down Cindy, because Treasures are here to rock your mind. Every box is checked. The weather will cooperate and it's free. No excuses. See you there.
Music band links:
Tess and the Details - Tess & The Details | Spotify
The Hot Takes - The Hot Takes | Spotify
Treasures - Treasures | Spotify
The Philharmonik - The Philharmonik | Spotify

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