New Music? Yes, Please! #007 Vertical Trap 

I came across Vertical Trap via their name on a flier. I checked them out and loved what I heard. I found the more I dug, the more I wanted to dig. Vertical Trap consist of a duo and their live sets are played side by side with backing tracks to bring their audience a bevy of layers / sounds. While the guitarist brings an attitude with her stage presence, the vocalist is locked in and focused. She sings with a tenderness. Her authenticity is enchanting. Her genuine nature draws in the listener.  Before I saw them live, I viewed an acoustic performance video. That video showcased their versatility and made me an instant fan.

'Dark Matter' is one of their singles that caught my attention. A simple drum loop and synth bass open up the track. Subtle plucked guitar notes add texture before the lead synth melodies rain down. All the sounds are tasteful, and their placements allow each one to individually shine.

The vocals are straightforward. That aforementioned vocal tenderness is front and center. It feels like she's singing in the same room as we listen. There's no overdubs. No multi vocal layers in different keys all singing the same thing. Their music is live and direct. Straight from the source. In my opinion, their music embodies the spirit of punk rock. We do what we want, and we do it our way.

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