Bloggers Chronicles: GO TO THIS SHOW!!! #006 - The Ferocious Few at Bottom Of The Hill, Jan 18th.

When I think about all of the music artists' names I've seen on fliers and marquees over the years, safe to say I've lost track of a few. Thanks to social media, this happens less but it still happens. I believe in late 2000's I heard about The Ferocious Few before I saw their name on a flier. It was just like hearsay... "Dude!!! There's this two-piece fronted by this guy Francisco who's out to make it happen!!! He's busking, he's everywhere... he's all in for his band!!!". 

That's all I knew about The Ferocious Few for a while. Then there was what I would describe as a tremor. A rumble in the music community that got people talking. I've felt this rumble three memorable times. 

1. when The Morning Benders got signed 
2. when Wallpaper performed on late night TV
3. when news broke that The Ferocious Few would tour with Cindy Lauper
From the moment I heard the name I've always paid attention but never really listened to his music. In my mind, I was just cheering for another local artist. 
With his upcoming show at Bottom Of The Hill on Jan 18th with Fake Your Own Death and EBTE, the time has come to take a listen.
The music pops. Song after song, as I'm playing through the face of their Spotify page, every song hits. To simplify my listening experience, I focused on their 2010 Juices LP and then to their self-titled 2020 LP. Juices carries big motor pedal to the metal energy that's scorching. Ten years later, their self-titled The Ferocious Few LP doesn't lose any intensity. However, with age and experience, new elements are seamlessly folded in like a perfect cappuccino.
The Ferocious Few have something special going on and it's no secret. Having played alongside Cindy Lauper, The Growlers and Billy Idol didn't happen by luck. I hear some Johnny Cash, retro, rockabilly, indie, punk rock all rolled together and played loud. It's true, I'm late to the party and I'm glad I finally made it. 
Keep up with The Ferocious Few!!!

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