Rounding the bases and reloading for 2023, The Hot Takes continue to soar. 

Thanks to the wonders of social media, I've been able to find great new music both locally and abroad. One day as I was scrolling on the gram, I noticed a band whose look really caught my eye. I began following this band and pretty much dug everything they posted. The branding, their look and most importantly the music was all tastefully crafted. So, I continued to dig. Under further investigation, I realized this was a relatively new project. This band is none other than Oakland's very own, The Hot Takes.  

From that initial discovery, till today The Hot Takes have been on a tear playing local shows and winning fans over with their brand of dance party music. They mention The Killers and Arcade Fire as inspirations, but I get more of a Talking Heads kind of fun. Whatever bands we may compare them to is a moot conversation because their sound is all their own. With a self-titled debut EP in the rearview mirror, new music is on the horizon as the lady and gentlemen recently went into Oakland's Tiny Telephone to record. 

I will be sure to check back in with the band to talk about the new record in due time but for now, do get acquainted with their first self-titled The Hot Takes EP and be sure to catch them play live. You'll be happy you did both. 

Talk soon.

Check out The Hot Takes on Spotify today and keep up with them on Instagram !!!

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