Other Gardens by Randy and The Insecures brings the heat! 

Oakland California is exactly where I need to be. Great music is coming from all angles and that makes me happy as I recently crossed paths with Randy and The Insecures. Their sound is a little retro, a little punk rock and definitely Oakland inspired. I have always loved 50's music and the sound that Randy brings reminds me of that era. However other influences shine with their music. A bit of Morrissey and Dick Dale as well but all played through a punk rock filter. 

In 2020 the band debuted with a self-titled 7 song EP. They followed up in 2021 with "I Don't Know" which has a The Cars vibe with slide guitar accents. 2022 brought us more music with the slow dance singles "Ice Cream" and "On A Stream" before dropping a nine song LP. 

That nine-song album, Other Gardens picks up the pace and intensity as the band comes roaring back like a raucous bunch that left the house for a few drinks only to return with a full-blown party. Amongst the distorted driving cuts from the record, "Panic" stands out with its energetic crunch and laid-back singing style reminiscent of Mr Elvis Presley himself. 

Switching gears with "I Found I Must Lose My Teeth" the guys let loose. Hitting falsetto accents tease us into thinking we're in calm waters but then the dam breaks and fury is unleashed. It's a marvelous track! 

Once again, Oakland shows me why it's the place to be for those who love music. The scene is thriving and Randy and The Insecures are not only in the mix, but they'll be also leading the way.

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