Dark clouds loom with Send For Help's debut single "Sadderday" 

Another lifelong band guy goes the solo artist/producer route. I've known George D'Annunzio for some time now. A jack of all trades. One minute he's playing drums in this band. The next day he's on guitar in another band. Always on the move, always making music. We touch base on the gram every once in a while, usually to accuse one another of being a hipster but he did mention a while back about his solo project Send For Help. I know he's been working on it for some time and today we have the exclusive preview for his debut single "Sadderday".

Setting the tone, the track gets right down to business with hard hitting drums. Angst at its best like the Toadies anthem "Possum Kingdom" this song drives. Gritty guitars give the track teeth.  The throwback 90's simplistic distorted guitar lead is as catchy as anything I've ever heard. George sings with emotion, and the lyrics are heartfelt. Simply put, the song is genuine. 

There's a lot of great components and execution of sounds with his debut. Everything is layered just as it should be and is spaced out perfectly, allowing every note to shine. Bands like The Toadies, The Pixies, Incubus immediately come to mind. The aforementioned 90's heyday gave us a moment and a sound who's fingerprints are all over his new single.

Check out "Sadderday" by Send For Help on Soundcloud and follow him on Instagram!!!

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