James Beastly adds another standout single to his collection with 'Ghost Species' 

I'm sure I've stated this a few times, I made a list of artists/people/groups to highlight on City Cat Collective that participate in the music world. Today we check off another name from that list and highlight James Beastly. James is a seasoned music veteran who I'm assuming has played music most of his life. Not an assumption I want to throw out like Oprah Winfrey does cars, but his approach and execution to music exudes experience. Making the jump from band member to music producer, James adds 'Ghost Species' to his stellar collection as a solo artist. 

This record is downright sneaky. As a matter of fact, it's a complete setup. The verse roles out in indie alternative rock fashion. Expected, sounds good, go on... To the arriving chorus, there's a hollowed howling chant. This transition made me feel like we went from a narrow country road merging into a four-lane highway. When we make the lap and repeat the process as music does, our newfound familiarity strengthens the groove. With two passes completed through the verse/chorus, I was beginning to wonder if there was another gear. James Beastly does not disappoint.
This is where the song explodes. The unleashed and charged electric guitar lead outro comes rolling in like the second vinyl record in an epic DJ mix. That excitement when two styles, two records come together and create something new is just like chocolate and milk becoming chocolate milk. Absolutely thrilling. James does the right thing; he steps on the gas and does not relinquish the throttle until we've reached the destination, he wants to take us. 
Your vessel is ready. All aboard!!! 
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