Bloggers Chronicles: The Nightcap/Recap #001 - Fake Your Own Death show at Bottom Of The Hill, Jan 18th 2023 

It's been all work and not much time for fun these days. However, sometimes the universal forces of fun will drop an event on my lap, placed at the perfect time. Case in point came on January 18th at Bottom Of The Hill. I had seen posters on FB and Instagram for the Margaritas Podridas, April Magazine and Fake Your Own Death show but I assumed it fell on Saturday. I assumed incorrectly. 


When my evening surprisingly opened up, Terry texted me soon after about the show. The show I assumed fell on Saturday was suddenly in play! My plans were now set... I was going to the show! Wunderbar! A great sign when arriving early at a venue is a line forming before doors open. This was the case unfolding here. Once they let us inside a youthful buzz filled the air. I overheard people talking about the headlining band. Everyone was talking about music in one way or another.  


I came to Bottom Of The Hill to see Fake Your Own Death and they did not disappoint. Scott and Terry have been holding down the fort for a minute. The band's sound is uniquely theirs, and it sounds as good as ever. Their sound is unequivocally indie rock with ruffled edges. Terry's voice and delivery is the main attraction.  A key ingredient is the distorted drone reverb drenched delay ridden guitars cranked to 10. The rhythm section is always on lock and their new guitarist Shane brings more wrinkles to the soundscape. On one of the songs, Shane played synth lines with his right hand and hammered notes on his guitar with his left hand. These sounds swirled into the crowd to everyone's delight as the notes billowed from the amplifiers.  


I didn't stay for the rest of the show because I'm old and had to wake up early, early. I met one of the guys from the band April Magazine, and also made some new friends. Being at a music venue, checking out bands with old friends are special moments. Felt absolutely fantastic to be back out in San Francisco, enjoying the local music scene.


Fake Your Own Death are friends of mine and you should check them out. I included my favorite song, "Bombs Don't Show Up" for your immediate introduction:)

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