Get pretty, we're going out. "Fantasy" by Venus In Arms will be arriving soon!!! 

With the final touches being placed on the music video for "Fantasy" by Venus In Arms, we patiently await its official debut. Following Venus In Arms aka Olivia Barchard on social media has told me that her new music video will have a "mini movie" feel to it. Exciting!


I've been privileged to an early listen, and I can tell you the song has a ballad feel. The bassline propels the track like an outboard engine pushes a skiff. The minimalist approach to the single allows the open guitar chords to truly resonate and the synth notes to land on open terrain. Olivia's vocals are the focus, but the lyrics are what it's all about. When Oliva sings the chorus line "you're just a fantasy", the emotional weight tips the scale over like a triple beam being maxed out in middle school science class. Reality hits the heart, I'm alone and you're just a fantasy. Riveting indeed.

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"Fantasy" will be debuting soon!!! Don't miss it.
In the meantime, check out Olivia Barchard kill it on “Blue Sun” with Everything But The Everything!!!





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