I love this track!!! #002 - Melotika: 'Digital Dreams'

Talented people are everywhere. Yet the saying goes “luck is when opportunity meets preparation”. I always wonder when Toronto's very own Melotika will break through. Her discography speaks volumes. When I first came across her music, it was her single ‘Crazy’ that caught my attention. From then on, it's hit after hit as far as I'm concerned. Her music resides in the upper echelons of dance pop, and she's carved herself a stable platform.

We are highlighting a track that I think is a certified banger. ‘Digitial Dreams' was released in Feb 2022. I remember doing a small Instagram shout out for the track when it debuted. The only thing in my mind that has changed since then and now is how much I continue to play that song. For me, it strikes a memory of my early days in San Francisco as I explored its house music scene. Deep house in particular. Deep house to me has a dressed-up sexiness that was best expressed by legendary label Naked Music. The way the drums and hi-hats drive in the track take me right back to those late night/early morning SF underground parties. It's synths and production are as smooth as riding soft wheels on a skateboard. Straight butter. Melotika's vocals and delivery seal the deal. She's sings with a bit of attitude that comes from confidence and experience. She's the master of her craft and she knows how to strut her stuff.

The video has two sides to it. Make sure you watch it all the way through. She does these head shakes towards the end of the song that seem to go along with the phrase “digital dreams”. When I'm driving in my car and am blasting this song, I do those shakes. Who's ever driving alongside me and sees me doing it probably thinks I'm nuts.

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