Melancholy Seventh Heaven. A Synopsis of SF's Dear Banshee 

Life's twists and turns, just like it should be. In my reintegrating back into the bay area music scene, I've been actively trying to go to as many shows as my schedule permits. The last time I saw Rosie Plaza play was at the Gilman years ago. When I noticed Rosie Plaza was performing post pandemic at the Knockout SF, I knew I had to go. At the show, I met the singer for Dear Banshee, a band I've seen on posters and social media but never dug deeper. From a promoter's perspective, I've made it a habit long ago to keep tabs on bands that consistently play at certain venues and Dear Banshee fit said criteria. 

On the way home from the show, I listened to Dear Banshee on Spotify and could hear what the buzz is all about. Their music is indie rock for the soul. Swells of emotions come at you via soundwaves and delicate textures as vocals fly over the music like starlings dancing in the sky. 

Since the group's 2019 full length release, they have followed up with the single "Plagued". Talks of a new album was discussed recently in an extensive NPR interview, giving fans something to look forward. In my opinion, their music gives me flashes of Radiohead and Death Cab For Cutie. 

We've included "Devils" below for your immediate introduction but please listen to Dear Banshee on Spotify and follow the band on Instagram.

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