Transform with Tess Posner's Alchemy EP 

Whenever given the option of dark or not dark. The answer is always “let's go with dark”. Probably why Wednesday Addams is one of my favorite movies characters. When researching a local show, I came across Tess Posner. I have been loosely using the term “dark alternative” for the last few years. Tess describing her music as dark alternative made me immediately intrigued.

To my pleasant surprise, her music is dark. There's a Gotham City quality to her production like she's the composer of Bruce Wayne's personal orchestra. Her vocals are the focal point at all times. She mixes up her vocal melodies seemingly on every music phrase, nothing feels recycled. 

Let's go over the Alchemy EP:

Feral Child - A great opening track, paced at a moderate tempo that should appeal to a wide audience. Electro bass kicks become the proverbial amusement park car, riding on its steel track, guiding us through the adventure.

Volcano - Upbeat with a touch of early 80's pop. The pulsating bass is everything, it's the key component that not only moves us, but it also moves the dance floor. On the track she builds a wave, stories high, and surfs down her own creation to a hero's welcome.

My Heart Is Dry - The EP's standout track with its percolating keys and crisp snare hits. Big synth pads hit with concentrated power like a spotlight from a penitentiary watchtower. Tess matches the intensity with a grand choir flair. Instead of reaching for the sky's outer limits, she brings things in to almost a whisper. Yes, yes, yes…

Ghosts - Minimalist approach by design adds to its haunting quality. Her vocals reign supreme. Another great addition to an already wide range of music.

Black Cloud - What better way to close out an EP than with an anthem. The songs slow build to grand hall, full volume, form like Voltron is the only way to go.

Tess takes us on a trip that touches a wide range of emotions. Although dark, hopelessness never crosses our mind. If anything, listening to the EP from start to finsih is like watching a movie where everything is going wrong, but you know things will be just fine.

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