Lee Austin Hoffman and Elegant Trash are making it happen in the East Bay.  

A subject I've written about many times is how great it is to connect with others on social media out of the blue. This particular connection I find even more interesting because I can trace back to where it all began. Growing up in Seaside / Monterey California, I was a fan of Psychosomatic. I got to know them and became friends. The mighty algorithm at some point suggested I become friends with Infirmities. I saw they, like Psycho were from Salinas so I followed them as well. Got to support our locals. I remember when Infirmities played the Berkeley beach show. I saw the videos posted and that's around the time, Elegant Trash was suggested by Instagram. 

As I began to follow Elegant Trash aka Lee Austin Hoffman. I couldn't help but notice that he has his hands in a few projects. My curiosity grew and I decided, why not reach out and ask him some questions. So, let's get to it…

CCC - You're a part of a couple of monthly events (i.e. Bang The Bay Solar Van Saturday's, 1st Wednesday at the Ivy Room, Live on KALX 99.7 FM). How did these come about. 

LAH - Solar Van Saturdays was started to be a covid safe way of having shows but turned into a twice a month community service lasting more than two years. The Ivy room is my favorite east bay venue, and I asked them to have a residency to help support them and more of the community, I got asked by DJ Liz to be featured on Kalx and could not turn down the opportunity. It is my favorite Bay area radio station.

CCC - You've been putting out music for a while. What are your top three albums you have released. Of the three albums you've chosen, what do they remind you of at that moment in time.
LAH - I just released two albums this month called (Remix)which is 4 of my older songs but recorded with my current band to feature the new members with some of my favorite Elegant trash songs and (Momentum) Which has 10 brand new songs that were written in the past 3 months by my current members. Both of these are my favorite right now and of my past albums I really liked (Dose of Sunshine) which featured my wife Nathalie on vocals as well were we sang love songs to each other. I love singing with her as well.
CCC - Where do you like recording your music. When you're in the studio, what's step one.
LAH - I have recorded 17 Elegant Trash albums all over the place in the bay area, At places like Tiny Telephone and Tones on Tail studio, and Donut Time studio but my favorite place right now is with my friend Gabe Gunns at The Love Retreat in Mill Valley. He has recorded 4 of my albums. I record most of my albums live so my first step is to get the band comfortable in a live setting and just go at it.
CCC - Who's the local band whose music you enthusiastically share with others and what song of theirs should we play.
LAH - Lazer Beam, Lost in Oblivion
CCC - What's next for Lee Austin Hoffman and Elegant Trash.
LAH - The next step for me is to start releasing live music recorded from our residency at The Ivy room of all of the bands who play with us and start making compilation albums. We are also in the process of writing another album and will be back in the studio at The beginning of the new year. We play every first Wednesday at The Ivy Room and Every First and third Saturday at Solar Van Saturdays but also will be on lots of radio stations as well coming up soon!!

We have included a single by Elegant Trash for your immediate introduction. I went through their Spotify and old school punk along the lines of Crass was what their music reminded me of. I am someone who is very into melodic stuff and found a bit of that flavor in their Elegant Trash Remix EP. On that release, their single ‘Touching The Ceiling’ with its double time drums and melodic hooks is my cup of tea. Since Elegant Trash consists of a revolving door of musicians and contributors over the years, each album is unique.
Keep up with, follow and support Elegant Trash!!!

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